The High Tech Campus is the smartest square km in Europe….. and we also want to make it the most vital working environment. Our club has a closely-knit team with experts specialized in health & sport services, event organization & educational vitality programs. Our variety of expertise makes Campus Health & Sports Club a highly effective platform for preventive health services. Our “Corporate Vitality” sustainable employment programs are often exercised by the staff of Campus Health & Sports Club. Our services are based on the common knowledge that working people are more productive when feeling happy. We believe in the power of a well-balanced working and private life, and physical and mental health. There is energy for everybody ! In the near future we aim to create an “Advanced Vitality Centre”. This centre will be there for the people of High Tech Campus. Al our services and the centre will reflect our believe of the  “5 ways of wellbeing”: Connect – Take Notice – Be Active – Give – Keep Learning