Family Doctor

Our medical health consultation is a consultation which takes place between you and the doctor and is sometimes important because it is the main opportunity for the doctor to explore the you’re problem and concerns. Very often it is a start to identify the reasons for health problems. Traditionally, medical history-taking has been based on a conventional medical model and assumed that disease can be fully accounted for by deviations from normal biological function. It gave little consideration for the social, psychological and behavioral dimensions of illnessD


If you are not waking up well-rested or find it hard to fall asleep, the sleep consultation may be the solution. Many factors could cause insomnia. Our somnologist Drs Karel Schreuder is able to guide you to a good night’s sleep that will diminish or even prevent ailments.


  1. Questionnaire & Consultation 
  2. Follow up 1: Two weeks logging & monitoring activity tracker, health watch, polygraphic somnografie.
  3. Consultation 2: Diagnosis & Evaluation
  4. Follow up 2 : No problem or Treatment / Advice

Drs Karel Schreuder is a medical doctor and somnologist who graduated from Universiteit van Amsterdam in 1981.

Schreuder continued his education, earning a degree in social medicine at Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen in 1986, and a degree in forensic medicine at the Netherlands School of Public and Occupational Health in Utrecht six years later.

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