Personal Trainer High Tech Campus

Train on the High Tech Campus in your private gym!

Take the opportunity to go for a personalised workout at a unique location in the Philips sports complex. You can work on your training objectives in ideal conditions without any distractions. You train alone in your private gym together with your personal trainer. This way we can focus on your performance so you get the best results from your workout. Of course, the gym is also ideally suited for small group training.

  • 100% privacy! You train in your own private gym
  • Unique surroundings in the Philips sport complex
  • The best (certificated) Personal Trainers are available for you
  • You work with the best sports equipment
  • Hygenic changing rooms with showers

You can find us in Building 8, High Tech Campus (Philips Sport Forest/ Sports complex)

What can we do for you?

  • The most effective way to work on your fitness objectives
  • Professional guidance so that you work on your fitness objectives in the safest way
  • Disciplined approach, if you lack self-discipline
  • Every workout is different so you don’t get bored
  • Our highly motivated team make sure you keep motivated
  • We keep up with all the developments in training methods to ensure you get the most effective workout
  • Personalised nutrition plan

Of course we provide training according to the guidelines from the RIVM, so that everyone can exercise in a safe and responsible manner.