In-company Vitality

We will make sure your employees are vital and productive! Work out, have fun, teambuilding and improve the communication of your team.

A healthy and happy employee is a productive eployee!

There are a lot of opportunities for your employees to take part in sports and exercise. However, if they don’t take them and you want to offer your employees in-company exercise and fitness, we can facilitate you.

The Campus Health & Sportsclub can offer a programme that goes even further than in-company fitness: we offer a complete package focused on the physical and also mental wellbeing of your employees, tailor made for your company. We work with a dedicated team of personal trainers, fitness coaches, nutritionists (BGN certificated) and a psychologist in order to offer the right supervision. We can make a programme that fits every company – and without high costs, expensive equipment or large training areas.

We provide the trainingsessions for your company on the unique settings of the Philips sportbos. Exercising in the outdoors is a boost for your viatlity and mental health

More and more companies are becoming aware of the added value in-company fitness offers. We offer a range of possibilities to ensure that we can meet your organisational requirements.

  1. Outdoor training

During the outdoor training high intensity training is combined with developing the major muscle groups. There is intensive personal supervision and attention to ensure the exercises are carried out correctly.

  1. Small group training sessions

Campus Health & Sports Club also offers small group training sessions (6 participants maximum).

  1. Preventive exercise sessions

Campus Health & Sports Club also offers exercise sessions specifically structured to prevent back problems and complaints related to a sedentary working environment.

  1. Nutritional guidance

Campus Health & Sports Club nutritional guidance consists of giving personal nutritional advice and supervision. The nutritional programme is completely based on a healthy and well -balanced diet for optimal metabolic function.

5. Health checks

We carry out health checks in order to offer the best guidance. This includes measuring blood pressure, weight, fat percentage and muscle mass.

6. Yoga/ mindfullness

For the right state of mind!


Why Campus Health & Sportsclub?

  • Lower the sick relief of your company
  • Healthy employees are productive emplyees
  • Group sports: the social network that makes you sweat
  • Something for all levels of sport
  • Teambuilding
  • Improve the communication of your team
  • Diversity in training
  • Information, tips and advice on healthy eating and exercise
  • A lot of personal attention per participant

Of course we provide training according to the guidelines from the RIVM, so that everyone can exercise in a safe and responsible manner.