Who are we?



Ilias Maxwell Renou 

Ilias Renou, born in Aldershot (Great Britain) 14-05-1977.
From an early age I took part in sports, varying from gymnastics (at a high level) to football. After completing my secondary school education, it wasn’t difficult to choose my further education: the CIOS (Sports Academy). After graduating from the CIOS I studied to become a Personal Trainer and Medical Fitness Instructor at Fysio Physics and completed the education successfully.

I was responsible for providing fitness training for Philips in its former locations at Philips S (Strijp) and the Vredeoord complex during the period 2002-2009. I operated as location manager there and gave revalidation training in collaboration with the company doctor. Revalidation training consisted of exercise programmes for employees suffering from back problems, RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and those trying to lose weight.

After having enjoyed my work as an employee, in 2009 I decided to set up my own business: Maxx Personal Training. This has been the right career decision and I get tremendous satisfaction from working individually with people and being able to transfer my knowledge and enthusiasm. The years of experience and my high levels of motivation and enthusiasm ensure that together we will successfully achieve your fitness objectives.

Sport greetings, Ilias Renou


My name is Anne Krebber 

Let me introduce myself: I was born November 10, 1994 in the always beautiful Breda. I attended school and lived there with great pleasure until I was 18. I attended the Academy for Physical Education (ALO) in Eindhoven in 2012, and therefore made the move to live in Eindhoven. I had a great student time and graduated in 2016. After that I did the master's in Public Administration at Leiden University, because I wanted to combine sport and policy at a higher level. I successfully completed my master’s study in June 2019.

During my studies I always worked as a fitness coach at various gyms in Eindhoven. During this time I met Ilias and ended up giving bootcamps and personal training for him with great pleasure.

After I graduated in the summer of 2019, I quickly found a job as a PE teacher in Alphen aan den Rijn and therefore moved to Leiden for my work. I soon noticed that I really missed Brabant. When Ilias then asked me if I wanted to become a co-owner in his company, the choice was quickly made for me. I said goodbye to the Randstad (area around Amsterdam, Rotterdam, the Hague etc) and soon came back to live in cozy Eindhoven, where as from 2020 happily run Maxx Personal Training with Ilias!

You may have seen me during one of our training/bootcamps, if not, hopefully we'll meet soon!

Kind regards,        Anne Krebber